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Begin building your blasters and lightsabers. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is only two months away, and it’s set to be the most exciting Lego game ever. TT Games have added new and improved gameplay features in order to provide a thrilling experience for everyone. On April 5th, players can travel through the nine films.

The fans from Star Wars will soon be able to revisit all nine main films in bricks. There have been delays however, it appears that the Lego series’ first appearance on the new generation consoles is all set to be. TT Games have a lot planned to ensure that the eagerly awaited Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is their most exciting entry to date. Seven of the films were previously featured in previous games, which means it is essential. In other words, the upcoming release may appear more like a remake than the whole game is a brand new one.

A recent video of gameplay overview has seen the developers dig deep into what the fans are going to get. The gameplay demo was exciting and has brought people high expectations. Let’s examine five reasons why the brand new Lego Star Wars may be the most successful video game of the franchise.


The combat within the Lego game was previously limited to pressing the punch button however, the system has seen improvements over time. In the past, Marvel and DC games allowed players to perform combo strikes and other special moves, such as. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga However, it appears to provide the most complete close-combat experience. The characters who wield lightsabers, fists, or any other weapon are able to dodge or block attacks and perform special combos. The video gameplay demonstrated an air combination. Lego Tekken anyone?

The health bar for enemies has changed between hearts and a normal bar this is a tiny but significant modification. This allows for more difficult boss battles. In the past bosses were typically equipped with three hearts and be fairly difficult to defeat. However, now fighting The Emperor will be as tough as it is supposed to be. The new dodge mechanic will be very useful. It will be interesting to observe how this combat system develops to be used in TT Games’ future projects. At present, however, it’ll play a significant element of making the Star Wars game the most impressive Lego game to date.


Every Lego game appears to include increasing numbers of characters players can smash objects with. The Skywalker Saga, it will include more than 300 characters that can be played from all nine films. From the most popular heroes to obscure droids it’s highly likely that your favorite Star Wars character will be featured. If they’re not, ensure you look for them in 500 NPCs scattered across the world. With over 800 characters total, excluding future DLC will show how much the game’s creators are invested in the sci-fi series.

A major feature that is new to character classes. Every person will have a class of nine. They comprise Jedi, Hero, Dark Side and Astromech Droid. Each class comes with abilities that are unlockable gradually as they progress, and these abilities can be upgraded with collector Kyber Bricks. It’s an amazing RPG-like component that gives a surprising depth to the Lego games. The players should be able to find a reason to search for these unique bricks. It will be interesting to see how strong characters develop, particularly those from the Dark Side class.


A thrilling feature that the trailer of the moment revealed was space combat. They take place while traveling between planets, putting players in rapid-paced combat sequences. There are also side missions that can enable new vehicle models. VR support, however is not going to be available to all Squadrons fanatics. It’s an excellent addition that can help in making Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga the most comprehensive and complete Lego game ever.

It’s unclear at present what a number of vehicles can be played and what the choices will be. It’s also interesting to find out if they’ll be split into upgradeable classes as the characters. Can players include an additional gun to the TIE Fighter or add a boost to it? There’s a lot to learn about this game as it comes out in April on the 5th. TT Games’ new upgrade system has brought many exciting possibilities for this game and the future of the franchise.


Alongside close combat, shooting is another aspect that has seen potential positive improvements. Players now have the option of entering a third-person camera, with an over-the-shoulder angle when they aim at a blaster. It’s much easier than the previous Lego video games. It seems like the days of fighting using an erratic reticule are gone. Another nice thing to be to add is the fact that an adversary is likely to react when they see a specific body part shot. For instance, one trooper grabbed their left leg with pain after being shot. It’s a nice contrast to enemies who are waiting around or reacting exactly the same way in each attack.

The camera angle is also new and has enabled an option to cover the camera added. Characters can cover themselves behind objects or walls and then peek out to shoot several shots when they want to. This indicates that there will be some thrilling shootouts that we can look forward to during The Skywalker Saga. It is possible that there will be enhancements for blasters within the Hero class to provide players with an advantage in the shootouts. Gunplay has been a need for to be improved during the Lego series for quite a while and now Star Wars entry is the perfect place to begin making some much-needed adjustments.


Since the beginning, TT Games have focused on expanding the number of free-roam they offer in the Lego game series gives. This time there will be a lot of moons and planets that are accessible for exploration like Tatooine as well as Endor. Certain ships, like that of the Death Star, are also expected to be able to offer exploration. They will also be stuffed with additional missions. For instance, there will be NPCs seeking favors and mini-games. There will also be a variety of kinds of collectibles to be found. The quest to reach that special 100 percent will be more difficult than ever before due to the sheer amount of material.

A more powerful graphics engine will mean that every hub will be brimming with beautiful images as the residents live their lives. Dark planets with snow will appear while planets with sunshine will show the bright sky shining down on characters. It’s evident that a lot of effort is put into making bricks look amazing. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will definitely have the best graphics ever seen in the Star Wars franchise. These are only one of the many new features that we’ll be looking for on April 5, when it could be the best Lego game to date.


What are you anticipating about the most Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga? Write your thoughts in a post below!

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