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The Sims 4 is the most recent version of the popular The Sims series. Many of the fans have said that earlier Sims games were and continue to be – superior however The Sims 4 is still an excellent game on its own. Can it perform better over its previous games? Let’s find out!

In The Sims community, There’s a lot of debate over which entry of the series is the most effective. It’s not difficult to compare game titles but it’s not easy to get everyone to agree on what title is the best. The Sims 4 is a step up from The Sims 4 however, many people think that it’s not as good as the previous titles, especially when it first launched in 2014. The main issue was the absence of certain features, like toddlers and pools which were present in the basic games of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. A lot of these features have been restored through free updates, but did it suffice to bring back players? Maybe, but in the meantime after many years of not being released as well as a lot of free updates and DLC packs, players still prefer the original three games.

Do we really have to be so snobby about Sims 4though? Sims 4though? Millions of players across the globe enjoy it. Additionally, DLC packs are still in development, offering seasons and pets universities, pets, and more. They also offer free updates that add new features to the game. There are those who consider that The Sims 4 isn’t as great as the previous games However, are there any aspects that it is more than the previous versions? We’ll investigate.


The creation of your Sims is never easier to create your Sims The Sims 4. Sliders have gone away. Simply grab an area of your body and pull and push. It’s like playing with clay, where you can bend and change.

There are also other features of CAS (Create An Sim) features that were introduced with The Sims 4. This includes the ability to alter the look of your Sim’s teeth which means they can be wearing braces or have crooked or straight teeth. The Sims may also have stunning nails that come in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths.

One of the main features which Sims 4 strives for is diversity and inclusion which allows players to replicate themselves within the game. The game comes with a variety of hairstyles to choose from, catering to all races. The customization options in the Sims series have been a significant step forward from the very first game. Sims 4 has several hair colors, and more importantly, it has a wide range in skin color, so every person is represented.

You’ll have plenty of options in the clothing you can wear the Sims to look their best in. One of the most useful features that you can use in The Sims 4‘s CAS is that clothing can be divided into sub-categories. If you’re in search of certain types of clothing such as skirts or tank tops, you can pick the appropriate sub-category that will show them.

When you play The Sims 3 You can create three outfits for your Sims. This feature will be transferred to The Sims 4 game, however, it’s more effective. It’s possible to create up to five outfits (per category of the outfit) You can set them upright the moment you create your Sim instead of waiting until you’ve made them through mirrors or a wardrobe.


One of the areas that The Sims 4 is a major improvement over previous titles is how easy it is to create structures. Do you remember the frustration when you’d erected certain walls and then wanted to modify them later on and then remove and rebuild them? Sims 4 Sims 4saves that headache because of the ability to move walls after having placed them by choosing them. It’s not just walls you can move as you can also move entire rooms. This will save you time and effort. You can also alter your walls’ height instead of having to put two walls over each other to achieve the same effect, which saves you money.

Styled Rooms returns in Styled Rooms is a return to Sims 3, but The Sims 4‘s take on it is far superior. Styled Rooms are already-constructed rooms that you can put down. They can be placed in any kind of space, like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. There are even special rooms during jobs. Styled rooms are great for saving time for those who want to build a house in just a few minutes, or if you’re not skilled at home building. They are Styled Rooms are furnished with various pieces of furniture in various styles which allows you to choose to create an old-fashioned or modern room. Each Styled Room is available in different shades of color, which gives you an extra sense of choice. Once you’ve put a room in you can alter it to your preference for example, moving the walls around, or altering the furniture, or even adding windows and doors, however, you’d like to. It’s a great game. Sims 4 certainly makes creating homes and other areas considerably easier and more adaptable.


It’s not surprising it was the first time Sims 4 first came out, Sims 4 was first shown, people were disappointed by the mediocre graphics. It was more cartoonish in appearance than The Sims 2 and 3. Are they really that bad, however?

In the time that The Sims 4was developed, the designers could have created the most realistic appearance. For instance, Sims could have had flawlessly animated hair but they didn’t. Instead, they chose an unintentionally cartoonish style. It would be more appealing to have gone for a more realistic style? Sure, but this could have brought some disadvantages. Computers will have to be working extra hard to handle the graphics of high-quality and you’d likely need an extremely high-quality computer to play a game such as this. Many people can’t afford an extravagant computer. This was the thought process that the developers had in mind when they created The Sims 4. The goal was to allow as many gamers as they could to play the game, even those playing on older or less powerful PCs.

Many people would prefer a more natural look, rather than cartoonish, but that doesn’t mean that the graphics aren’t good. Certain hairstyles appear somewhat blocky, but the Sims generally possess a natural style in their appearance. They also seem to be more fluid in their way of moving around. In the past, looking back to the Sims 3, while the Sims looked nice, however, there was something slightly off with their appearance. Their movement around was stiff like they were dolls.

It appears that objects are well-modeled. There’s nothing that’s too big at least not in close proximity. Although The Sims 4 is a bit more cartoonish look, however, it still appears real. The world is gorgeously designed and includes buildings, plants roads, rivers, and even pavements. There are also some lovely animated features like steamboats cruising along the river, or trolley cars racing along streets within Willow Creek. If you visit places like parks and other views and you’ll be amazed by how stunning they appear. There are stunning backgrounds like skyscrapers and mountains, as well as slick skies boxes. It’s also helpful that the lighting is so natural and well-balanced. From a perspective, The Sims 4 is a beautiful game.


One of the major selling aspects that were the main selling point of the Sims 3 was the introduction of an open world. It meant no more loading screens unless you first launch the game, or exit or enter to create a Sim. After sitting for hours on end waiting to load screens within the original Sims 2, this was a huge relief. It made moving between locations significantly simpler. It also opened other possibilities, like driving around in cars and watching your Sims heading to their actual workplace. Never before have you Sims as well as you, the player felt so relaxed in the Sims game.

However, it had some drawbacks. It opened up the world, which made the engine of the game needed to make a lot of effort to manage every aspect of the game, which included all of the Sims that you didn’t control. This was especially problematic when one Sim became stuck due to routing issues making the game lag or even stop playing. This can be a major issue for anyone playing any game.

There were other setbacks as well. The fact that your Sims roam around could be an issue particularly if they had to reach their destination in a hurry like working. This issue was even more problematic in the event that they became stuck and could not be able to get back to work, which resulted in them being punished.

Sims 4 does carry the open-world gameplay… up to some extent. It is true that The Sims 4 is more open-world in comparison to Sims Sims and the Sims 2, where you can only play only on one lot at a time, and load screens in between trips between lots. But, The Sims 4 isn’t as wide in the same way as The Sims 3. It is the 4th game in which the worlds are divided into three or four accessible open areas. This is an improvement from the previous two games however, it is a step back in comparison to The Sims 3… or is it?

Concentrating on a small portion of the globe makes you don’t feel overwhelmed when exploring. It’s easy to become lost in the vastness of. Every region in the world is distinct and has its own unique activities. Consider Willow Creek as One of two worlds of the base that you can play in The Sims 4. There are four communities with residences and people. Each is distinctive with distinct plans, structures, and lots. Willow Creek also has a commercial area, which includes museums, libraries as well as a gym, a lounge, and a play area for children. There’s even a big park that you can go to and meet plenty of Sims and fish or play chess.

The Sims don’t have to be restricted to the region they live in. They can go to any world in the game, regardless of any of the three core game worlds or the worlds that are introduced in DLC. This is an enormous leap over previous versions. When you played The Sims 3 there was no way to go to another place unless your Sims were moved there and they weren’t able to just wander around. With The Sims 4 you’re free to travel wherever you’d like without any restrictions.

The biggest benefit of an open and more fragmented world is the performance. With more specific areas of the focus your computer won’t need to be working as hard to handle everything, and with the improved AI routing of Sims 4, the possibility of Sims 4, lagging and freezing practically disappears.

Overall The worlds of The Sims 4 may not be as expansive the way they did when you played the original Sims 3, but the approach of the fourth game has its advantages.


In terms of careers, it appears as if the Sims 4 are Sims 4 were determined to make a leap over the previous games.

Let’s begin with the basics of careers. Each career is comprised of 10 levels. Your Sims start at the lowest level and climb up the ladder by acquiring new skills and accomplishing everyday tasks. Perhaps the most exciting thing about working on the game Sims 4 is that it removed the requirement to form relationships with other Sims to get promoted. It is no longer necessary to connect in 20 Sims or befriend all of your coworkers to get to the highest levels. One can become a complete person who is a loner, and still get to the highest point on the ladder of career success. Another advantage is the career-related objects. The ability to unlock new objects is available in all levels typically decorative objects, however, sometimes they’re useful too. In addition to objects, you can unlock Styled Rooms and cool clothes and special interactions.

At the point where you’re at the midpoint of your career ladder, you’ll be able to pick between two different career paths. For instance, a Sim writer may choose between Journalism and being a novelist. Each has its own jobs, titles, skills requirements as well as daily tasks and rewards. This provides you, the participant greater choice.

Careers that are active were first introduced in the first expansion pack, Get to Work. It is possible to work as an ophthalmologist in a hospital as well as a scientist in the lab, or an officer in a police station. They differ from regular jobs because you are in charge of every aspect of the daytime activities of your Sim. You’ll have tasks to finish that will improve your efficiency. The good thing is that even if you don’t want me to accompany you Sim for work, then you do not need to. If your Sim leaves for work, you are able to choose to join them or not. There’s no charge, but If you’d like your Sim to be promoted, it’s best to join them at work.

There are a few jobs that allow you to leave the office for work, or have your Sim may work at home. If they choose to work from home option, they’ll be assigned two tasks to finish prior to the beginning of their new shift. This is extremely practical and flexible, especially when the Sim has a newborn or toddler to look after and doesn’t wish to take the time off to work. If your Sim completes the task before the day they work next they’ll be the money.

Sims 4 introduced a new type of job that is freelance. This is an excellent option for Sims who are looking to be flexible with their schedules and work hours. This type of work is similar to real-world freelancing. The Sims sign up with an agency that specializes in a specific skill, for example, writing or programming in order to find work through their mobile or computer. Each day new jobs come up with a variety of jobs, each varying in terms of pay and tasks, and deadlines. If the work you submit isn’t up to the standard of the client it could be required to amend or redo the work. The benefit of working for yourself is that you are able to do any number of jobs you’d like. You are only able to work on one job at a time however, one job can keep your Sim active.

Sims 4 also introduced another kind of work: odd jobs. It’s not a full-time occupation however it’s a great option to earn additional Simoleons. These are not big jobs but can include helping move boxes or judging a sandcastle competition. A majority of these tasks take place off-screen, however, certain jobs will require you to travel many places and complete some work there.


The Sims 4 may have the best cooking tools of all the games and also the most delicious recipes. There’s plenty your Sims can prepare: salads, fish, meals, fry-ups for breakfast cakes, and so on. There’s even the Gourmet Cooking skill which lets you try new recipes that are more lavish and enjoyable and enjoyable for you Sims.

The Sims can also get fast meals from the refrigerator like cereals or sandwiches if your Sim is looking for a quick snack to eat. With the new Get to Work, you can create delicious desserts using the brand-new baking skill. If you’ve installed certain packs there are food stalls throughout the neighborhoods. There’s the option of Dining Out that introduces restaurants as well as a variety of delicious food options to enjoy. With all the food options available, it’s difficult to imagine your Sims going hungry.

When you evaluate food choices and cooking options in The Sims 4 against earlier games, you’ll discover that it’s the most likely to be the most enjoyable. In the past, there were fewer menus and options for food available. The Sims 3 is no exception. The Sims 3 you can get more meals you can cook through the purchase of recipe books at the bookshop. While it was an interesting concept, it got monotonous after a time. It required you to read the entire book in order to unlock the recipe in order to make it available to you had other Sims in your home were interested in learning the same recipe, you’d need to purchase the book once more since it disappeared when the Sim had learned the recipe. The recipes that require higher levels of skill are also more expensive to purchase. The Sims 4 completely removed recipes in books.


The Toddlers of The Sims: You either love them or are a bit annoying. Toddlers are handled in various ways in every game. It’s the Sims 4 is probably the one that manages toddlers most effectively. In fact, they were among the main features that were not included in the first game’s launch which was a bit very confusing. But, when they eventually returned to the game, they returned with the utmost enthusiasm.

The toddlers who play The Sims 4are significantly less frustrating than they were in the previous games. The Sims 2 and 3 were extremely frustrating. The Sims 2 and 3 Sims were essentially dependent on the Sims and were unable to take care of themselves. Sims 4 makes toddlers considerably more independent in the sense that they basically handle themselves. You can get any food item from the refrigerator and they are able to interact with more items beyond those that are designed for toddlers. They are also able to use the potty on their own after they attain the level 2 Potty skills, and can climb stairs once they have reached level 2 in their movement skills, and they can also move into and out of beds without assistance, by being in bed with their toddlers, rather than cribs.

It’s no longer necessary for toddlers to learn to walk, talk, or use the toilet. There are now five distinct abilities they can acquire. The ability to advance these skills simplifies life. They can have more interaction as they reach the desired level can bring benefits as they mature to become a child. Another benefit is being more mobile by having the highest Movement ability and experiencing fewer nightmares and tantrums thanks to an elevated Thinking ability. Toddlers are less of a hassle when playing The Sims 4.


Learning new skills is almost inevitable within The Sims. Your Sims will develop the cooking skill while cooking and will increase their Charisma in interacting in a group with the other Sims. It’s certainly worth the effort and time spent working to improve your Sim’s abilities.

Certain skills that you can apply to earn money, like painting and writing. The new programming skill that is available within The Sims 4is one for your tech-savvy Sims. They are able to hack, modify games, or even develop their own mobile applications as well as video games, and get the money for their work. The Sims can create a full-time profession out of their expertise or even use it as an additional source of income for their work.

While certain skills may not earn the Sims money, they are extremely valuable or even save the Sims money in some instances. One example is the handiness ability. It was present in The Sims 3 the ability to modify objects in the game, every could only be upgraded one at a given time, meaning that should you want to make a piece of furniture unbreakable then you’d need to forfeit the upgrade. With The Sims 4 you can get any number of upgrades you’d like, so you can make a toilet indestructible and self-cleaning.

This is the basic information about The Sims 4. There is no consensus on that which Sims game to play best, however, it is impossible to say that all Sims game is bad. Each game has its own unique flavor. As long as you are enjoying playing, that’s what matters.

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